Isotopx Phoenix x62 TIMS

The newest addition to the W.M. Keck lab is the Isotopx Phoenix x62 TIMS. It features a nine (eight moveable) Faraday collector array and a Daly ion counting system. We have amplifier boards with both 1011 and1012 Ω resistors that allows a very large dynamic range on the Faradays. Our typical use is high precision U-Pb geochronological studies and Sr isotopes of low concentration samples.


VG Sector 54 TIMS

We also operate a VG Sector 54 TIMS- a fully-automated, nine Faraday collector array equipped with a WARP filter and an ion counting Daly. This instrument is typically used for Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Pb, U, Th, Ra and Ca isotope measurements. The Sector 54 has been recently upgraded to ensure continued high precision performance.


ThermoFinnigan Neptune MC-ICP-MS

The Neptune was acquired in 2003 through a grant from W.M. Keck foundation. It is equipped with nine (eight moveable) Faraday collectors and a secondary electron multiplier (SEM) ion counter located behind an RPQ filter to give high abundance sensitivity. We have membrane, desolvation, and cold vapor introduction systems to simultaneously enhance sensitivity and reduce interferences. We will soon acquire an introduction system that will enable lower sample volumes and higher throughput. The Neptune offers high precision isotope measurements for almost all elements in the periodic table. The instrument is typically used for Pb, Nd, Hf, U, Th, Hg, Fe, Cr, Mo, Mg, and Li isotope analyses.