Latest News

Upgrades coming this summer include the prepFAST-MC for automated column chemistry, the microFAST-MC with SC-Micro DX autosampler, and the Apex Ω membrane desolvation system for our Neptune MC-ICP-MS.

Recent projects include:
Sr isotopes as forensic analysis of human tooth dentin and enamel.
U-Pb thermochonology of titanites.
U-Th-Ra comminution dating.
Pb isotopes as forensic analysis of liver material from raptors (eagle) that received fatal doses of Pb.
Sr isotopes of fish bone recovered at an archeological site in Kenya.
Pb isotopes of artifact and ores from archeological sites in India.
U-Pb chronology of minerals in meteorites.
U-Pb chronology of zircons.
Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes in detrital components in marine Mn nodules.
Pb, Mg, and Li isotopes in river and lake water and sediment.